Rabbinical College of Quebec

Students from several Canadian provinces 16 States and 9 foreign countries are educated in all aspects of advanced Jewish scholarship and trained for careers as rabbis, teachers and community leaders, the College's campus serves as the Montreal headquarters of the world wide Lubavitch Movement.

A Global Impact

The RCQ: It is more then just a school; it is the world's definitive Jewish outreach and social-service organization. The RCQ is a shining star in the global constellation of 4,000 Chabad centers: many of whom are led by RCQ alumni.

Student Outreach Program

Social activism plays a major role in the Rabbinical College curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of social consciousness by imbuing estranged Jews with an awareness and appreciation of their heritage.

Securing our Future

Half a century is a milestone by any yardstick, and as we reflect on the accomplishments of the past fifty years, we are filled with a sense of gratitude and pride at The Rabbinical College success.


We Need Your Help!

Consider: The Rabbinical College of Québec does not receive government funding.
As such we rely on YOU our partners.
We have made a commitment that every student who wants a Lubavitcher Yeshiva education will have access to it regardless of their ability to pay. That commitment creates real urgency in our Annual Fund Campaign,. The Annual Fund is our lifeblood. It's the steady source of discretionary funds - the cash flow in our checking account. It's used right now to pay the bills, to meet basic needs and, most importantly, to fund scholarships. The Annual Fund is a clear demonstration of the power of the many. We ask all to give what they can, but more than that, we ask everyone to give something every year. Taken together, those individual gifts can become a transformative donation for the Yeshiva and make an immediate difference in the life of this institution and its students.
We thank you in advance for your generosity and support!



Rabbi Leibel Kaplan

Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Itche Meir Gurary


Rabbi Sholom Ber Cohen


Rabbi Moshe Nosson Fischer

Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Gurary


Rabbi Yisroel Kaplan

Student Advocate

Rabbi Shmuel Kramer


Rabbi Mordechai Wenger


Rabbi Chaim Langsam

Executive Director

Rabbi Moshe Stern

Maggid Shiur